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Professor Nick Long

Nick Long is the Sir Edward Frankland BP Chair in Inorganic Chemistry and Head of the Catalysis, Sustainability and Applied Inorganics Research Section at Imperial College London. Research interests include transition metal and lanthanide chemistry for the synthesis of functional molecules, homogeneous catalysis and in recent years, probe design and novel methodologies for biomedical imaging.

Research has focused on the design of single- and dual-modality PET, MRI and optical imaging agents for early detection and diagnosis of disease. Exemplar projects include:-
(i) ‘smart’ optical and MRI contrast agents, based on gadolinium centres or iron oxide nanoparticles that have controlled/triggered response and better localisation within the body, for cancer targets and cardiovascular disease.
(ii) multifunctional probes for zinc sensing with applications in diabetes.
(iii) PET (18F)-labelled phosphonium cations for imaging the mitochondrial function during apoptosis.

Nick is the Deputy Director of the CDT and is based at Imperial College London.

Professor Nick Long