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There are a number of potential PhD projects available for 2018/2019 cohort that are linked to particular industrial partners. Choosing a PhD project that has an industry partner offers many benefits to both the student and the industry partner. As a student you will be provided with an additional industrial co-supervisor as a contact point. You will spend around 20% of your time at industrial R&D departments. This model for the CDT provides the PhD student with access to training, facilities and expertise not available in an academic setting. In addition, industrial partners provide student placements and industry workshops to demonstrate to students the potential application of their innovation and to highlight career pathways.
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Here are the current PhD projects with an industry partner that are available to apply for:

100: Advanced cardiac magnetic resonance perfusion imaging

The aim of this project is to develop the next generation tools for advanced cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) perfusion imaging. Novel CMR imaging sequences will be designed and implemented for both qualitative and quantitative perfusion imaging. This work will also involves the development of novel quantitative CMR reconstruction techniques. These new methods will be validated using our unique perfusion phantom and in patients.

104: A Simultaneous Multicontrast PET-MR Sequence for Comprehensive Coronary Plaque Characterization

In this project we aim to develop, implement and test the clinical feasibility of a novel acquisition and reconstruction multicontrast PET-MR framework for comprehensive coronary plaque characterization. This approach could enable an integrative single-scan imaging test for identifying patients at risk of myocardial infarction.

105: A machine learning approach to solving the SAR problem for ultrahigh field MRI

The aim of this project is to use emerging electromagnetic (EM) calculation methods combined with machine learning to move towards population level characterisation of EM interactions with human subjects, providing confidence in safety estimation and solving the workflow issues that currently block progress for UHF MRI.

106: Multiparametric low-dose PET-MR for single-scan diagnostic imaging of memory clinic patients

This project aims to develop a PET-MR imaging protocol capable of producing diagnostic quality FDG images for the assessment of memory clinic patients in a one-stop PET-MR examination, with massively reduced radiation doses (at least 10-fold, ideally 100-fold).

116: AIM: Advanced Imaging of bone marrow in Myeloma with CT & MRI

This project aims to develop novel acquisitions & reconstruction schemes to improve quantitative whole skeleton imaging metrics of bone marrow disease; and define whether quantitative CT is comparable to MRI for disease burden.

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