Smart Medical Imaging

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training

Industry Cooperation

Industry involvement is a key component of the CDT. Through joint industry projects students undertake research with a greater amount of commercial relevance, research that is closer to implementation and closer to having an impact.

  1. The CDT works closely with industry partners to understand the requirements from each partner. This may include one or more of: modalities, clinical translation, a component of computational modelling, motion compensation etc. Through this dialogue the relevant projects can be shortlisted before a discussion with each industry partner.
  2. All projects undergo a rigorous internal grading procedure for scientific merit before being available for industry sponsorship. This ensures each project contains cutting edge scientific ideas and the CDT continues to push research in the field. Within the CDT the Industry Liaison and the project supervisors identify projects that align with the each company’s key requirements. At this point we bring the supervisors and industry partners together to discuss projects and form the final industry sponsored projects.
  3. The industrial partner is requested to identify an additional industrial co-supervisor as contact point for the PhD student. The PhD student will spend 20% of their time at industrial R&D departments. This successful model for the CDT provides PhD students with access to training, facilities and expertise not available in an academic setting. In addition, industrial partners provide student placements and industry workshops to demonstrate to students the potential application of their innovation and to illuminate career pathways.
  4. Students select projects during their application to the CDT. To ensure only the best and brightest candidates are accepted the strongest candidates are invited to an interview day. During the interview day the candidates are assessed and interviewed by three panels and also have to meet certain criteria. Through this process the CDT encourages and recruits the most capable students.

By engaging with the CDT, industry can form stronger partnerships with our top-level researchers, clinicians and students. In addition the studentship will generate papers, conference presentations and posters. All these add to a company’s promotional material and are checked by both parties before dissemination.

The CDT offers an excellent opportunity for companies to have expert researchers and clinicians involved in their interest area in addition to the full time researcher. The CDT operates with a match funding mechanism whereby companies pay 50% of the costs and the CDT matches the remaining 50%. Contracts can be negotiated on a case by case basis to ensure the IP and other terms are acceptable for all parties.