Smart Medical Imaging

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  • Eric Aboagye

    Eric Aboagye

    His group is interested in the discovery and development of new methods for experimental and clinical cancer molecular imaging. More...

  • Jordi Alastruey

    Jordi Alastruey

    His group studies blood flow in the cardiovascular system using clinical data and modelling (computational and experimental). They study methods for cardiovascular function assessment based on the analysis of pulse wave signals. More...

  • Tomoki Arichi

    Tomoki Arichi

    His current work aims to apply non-invasive imaging techniques (EEG, functional MRI and simultaneous EEG-fMRI) to characterise the development of functional activity in the human brain, during fetal and preterm life and following brain injury. More...

  • Oleg Aslanidi

    Oleg Aslanidi

    His main research interests include nonlinear wave dynamics and 3D computational modelling of the heart. More...

  • Wenjia Bai

    Wenjia Bai

    His research focuses on developing novel image computing and machine learning algorithms for medical image analysis and applying the algorithms to clinical research, including medical image segmentation, registration, atlas construction, motion tracking and motion analysis. More...

  • Neal Bangerter

    Neal Bangerter

    Dr. Bangerter is currently Reader in Magnetic Resonance Physics in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College. More...

  • Gareth Barker

    Gareth Barker

    His research focuses on the application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to neurological and psychological disorders. More...

  • Dafnis Batalle

    Dafnis Batalle

    He uses mathematical tools and computational models to study the emergence of brain organization during early development and how subtle alterations in key developmental processes lead to neurodevelopmental disorders. More...

  • Paul Bentley

    Paul Bentley

    His research group is developing bedside computerized tests, devices and neuroimaging techniques that can profile stroke patients, and assign them individually to their optimal acute and restorative personalised therapies. More...

  • Christos Bergeles

    Christos Bergeles

    Christos is leading the Robotics and Vision in Medicine Lab (RViM), whose mission is to develop image-guided micro-surgical robots that assist the delivery of regenerative therapies deep inside the human body. More...

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