Medical Imaging

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  • Eric Aboagye

    Eric Aboagye

    His group is interested in the discovery and development of new methods for experimental and clinical cancer molecular imaging. More...

  • Jordi Alastruey

    Jordi Alastruey

    His group analyses and models cardiovascular signals that carry information on cardiovascular function using numerical tools based on and validated against physiological data. More...

  • Kasper Althoefer

    Kasper Althoefer

    His research interests are: Mechatronics; robotics; embedded intelligence; medical robotics; remote sensing; pipe inspection; neuro-fuzzy robot navigation; visual odometry. More...

  • Simon Ameer-Beg

    Simon Ameer-Beg

    He has developed a programme of research spanning three separate areas of microscopy with the broad goal of investigating quantitative molecular imaging for the study of protein-protein interactions. More...

  • Oleg Aslanidi

    Oleg Aslanidi

    His main research interests include nonlinear wave dynamics and 3D computational modelling of the heart. More...

  • Gareth Barker

    Gareth Barker

    His research focuses on the application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to neurological and psychological disorders. More...

  • Christos Bergeles

    Christos Bergeles

    Christos is leading the Robotics and Vision in Medicine Lab (RViM), whose mission is to develop image-guided micro-surgical robots that assist the delivery of regenerative therapies deep inside the human body. More...

  • Martin Bishop

    Martin Bishop

    His research focuses on Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology. He uses high-resolution, multi-model imaging data, from both the clinic and the experimental lab, to construct very detailed computational models of the heart, further parameterised with functional experimental measurements. More...

  • Phil Blower

    Phil Blower

    The chemistry challenge in the Blower group is to design and construct the radiopharmaceuticals and to develop highly efficient chemistry for radiolabelling with the utmost speed and simplicity of manipulation. More...

  • Rene Botnar

    Rene Botnar

    His group is working on the development of novel MRI acquisition methods and protein/cell specific contrast agents for morphological, functional and biological imaging of atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, post infarct remodeling and cancer. More...

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