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  • Thomas Booth

    Thomas Booth

    His interests are in neuro-oncology imaging (including advanced MRI techniques and machine learning), neurovascular (aneurysm treatment; stroke imaging patient stratification) and incidental finding research (deep learning abnormality detection). More...

  • Rene Botnar

    Rene Botnar

    His group is working on the development of novel MRI acquisition methods and protein/cell specific contrast agents for morphological, functional and biological imaging of atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, post infarct remodeling and cancer. More...

  • Michael Bronstein

    Michael Bronstein

    Michael is a professor at Imperial College London and one of the pioneers of deep learning on graphs and manifolds. More...

  • Jorge Cardoso

    Jorge Cardoso

    Jorge and his team's work focus on the development of Artificial Intelligence based technical solutions to complex clinical problems in radiology, neurology, oncology and cardiology. More...

  • David Carmichael

    David Carmichael

    David's main focus of research in recent years has been on combined measurements of electrophysiology via EEG and functional MRI and quantitative structural MRI. More...

  • Amedeo Chiribiri

    Amedeo Chiribiri

    The major aim of his current research is the investigation of novel cardiac MR techniques for the non-invasive assessment of cardiac structure and function. More...

  • James Choi

    James Choi

    The research aims of the Noninvasive Surgery & Biopsy Laboratory is to enable physicians to operate on vital organs using incision-less ultrasound-based microsurgical devices and methods. More...

  • Gary Cook

    Gary Cook

    His research interests include imaging bone metastases, measuring tumour heterogeneity, evaluation of novel tracers and biomarkers and refining multimodality imaging for diagnosis and response assessment in oncology. More...

  • Serena Counsell

    Serena Counsell

    Serena Counsell is Professor of Perinatal Imaging and Head of Advanced Neuroimaging at the Centre for the Developing Brain. Her primary research focus is the use of diffusion MRI to assess tissue microstructure, functional MRI and other neuro-informatic tools to assess neonatal and paediatric brain development and injury, and to develop MR imaging biomarkers to provide outcomes for trials of neuroprotective therapies. More...

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