Smart Medical Imaging

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training



  • Adelaide de Vecchi

    Adelaide de Vecchi

    Her research is focused on the field of personalised medicine, specifically on the clinical translation of computational modelling applied to cardiovascular diseases. More...

  • Enrico De Vita

    Enrico De Vita

    Magnetic Resonance physicist. His research focuses on developing novel MRI acquisition methods and analysis tools for neurology, neuro-oncology, neuro-development and neuro-degeneration. More...

  • Maria Deprez

    Maria Deprez

    Dr Maria Deprez is a Lecturer in Medical Imaging at King's College London. Her research interests include fetal brain MRI motion correction, distortion correction and reconstruction Medical Image Analysis - fetal, neonatal and pediatric brain MRI and US Segmentation, Registration, Atlases. More...

  • Isabel Dregely

    Isabel Dregely

    Dr Isabel Dregely is a Lecturer in PET/MRI Acquisition & Reconstruction at King's College London. Her research interest is simultaneous PET/MR imaging. More...

  • Chris Dunsby

    Chris Dunsby

    His research interests are centred on the application of photonics and ultrafast laser technology to biomedical imaging More...

  • Rob Eckersley

    His research is focussed towards the development and advancement of Medical Ultrasound Imaging, with projects ranging from the basic physics of acoustics, through system engineering, to the clinical evaluation of novel imaging tools. More...

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