Medical Imaging

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  • Vicky Goh

    Vicky Goh

    Her research focuses on multimodality functional imaging and biomarker development, with a special interest in gastrointestinal, lung and renal cancers. More...

  • Mark Green

    Mark Green

    His research interests include organometallic based synthesis of semiconductorand metal nanoparticles, biological applications of nanomaterials, rare-earth based nanomaterials. More...

  • Roger Gunn

    Roger Gunn

    His research interests are focused on the application of mathematical biology and molecular imaging techniques to disease understanding and drug development in the neurosciences. More...

  • Jo Hajnal

    Jo Hajnal

    His research interests include in vivo imaging, particularly Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), optical imaging and Ultrasound. A key theme has been integrating data acquistion with reconstruction and image analysis to acheive an integrated pipeline in which each element supports and is supported by the other key elements. More...

  • Alexander Hammers

    Alexander Hammers

    His research interests include imaging in the epilepsies and dementia, and imaging methodology, e.g. the development of simultaneous PET-MR. More...

  • Peter Hellyer

    Peter Hellyer

    Dr Peter Hellyer works in the department of Neuroimaging at King's College London. More...

  • Markus Henningsson

    Markus Henningsson

    His research is on MR Physics. More...

  • Malcolm Irving

    Malcolm Irving

    His research interests include molecular mechanisms in contraction and regulation of striated muscle. More...

  • Bernhard Kainz

    Bernhard Kainz

    His research involves high-performance medical data analysis and interactive real-time image processing techniques. More...

  • Andy King

    Andy King

    His research focuses on motion modelling and analysis. Repetitive motion, such as that caused by breathing or the heart beating, presents many challenges in both image acquisition and image-guided interventions. More...

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