Smart Medical Imaging

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  • Pablo Lamata

    Pablo Lamata

    His research interest focuses on the combination of imaging and computational modelling techniques for the development of new biomarkers to improve the management of cardiovascular diseases. More...

  • Jack Lee

    Jack Lee

    His main research interest is on developing a computational model of the cardiac function, as a basis upon which to develop clinical translational applications for cardiovascular diseases. More...

  • Robert Leech

    Robert Leech

    His research is inherently multi-disciplinary, integrating neuroscience, psychology and computer science to better understand the healthy and pathological brain More...

  • Hongbin Liu

    Hongbin Liu

    Dr Hongbin Liu is a Lecturer in Informatics (Robotics) in the Centre for Robotics Research Informatics at King's College London. More...

  • Lefteris Livieratos

    Lefteris Livieratos

    Dr Livieratos is a Clinical Scientist (Medical Physicist) at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospitals and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Imaging Sciences at King's College. He worked in PET methodology at the MRC Cyclotron Unit, Imperial/Hammersmith on image-based quantification where he developed novel schemes for patient motion correction. More...

  • Nick Long

    Nick Long

    The Long Group have expertise in applied synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry. Research interests focus on transition metal and lanthanide chemistry for the synthesis of functional molecules, homogeneous catalysis and in recent years, probe design and novel methodologies for biomedical imaging. More...

  • Michelle Ma

    Michelle Ma

    Her research focuses on synthesising and testing new chelators for coordination of radioactive metal isotopes. More...

  • Shaihan Malik

    Shaihan Malik

    Radiofrequency (RF) fields are used in MRI to generate the signals that then form images. The properties of these fields depend on the interaction between the scanner and the patient, though until recently it has not been possible to influence them directly. More...

  • Paul Marsden

    Paul Marsden

    His research track record includes the early development of combined PET and MRI imaging systems, data analysis methods for clinical and research PET studies, the development of radionuclide production methods and development of PET and PET-CT image acquisition methods. More...

  • Paul Matthews

    Paul Matthews

    His work is to develop the underpinning methods has focused on applications in drug development and disease outcomes monitoring. More...

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