Medical Imaging

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  • Shaihan Malik

    Shaihan Malik

    Radiofrequency (RF) fields are used in MRI to generate the signals that then form images. The properties of these fields depend on the interaction between the scanner and the patient, though until recently it has not been possible to influence them directly. More...

  • Paul Marsden

    Paul Marsden

    His research track record includes the early development of combined PET and MRI imaging systems, data analysis methods for clinical and research PET studies, the development of radionuclide production methods and development of PET and PET-CT image acquisition methods. More...

  • Paul Matthews

    Paul Matthews

    His work is to develop the underpinning methods has focused on applications in drug development and disease outcomes monitoring. More...

  • Phil Miller

    Phil Miller

    His research interests include rapid synthetic chemistry for the preparation of short-lived radioactive carbon-11 (t1/2 = 20 min) and fluorine-18 (t1/2 = 110 min) tracer molecules for PET imaging and the application of microfluidic reactors to small scale chemical reactions, gas-liquid phase reactions and improving radiochemistry processes. More...

  • Marc Modat

    Marc Modat

    He has significant expertise in medical image registration as well as in medical image segmentation and machine learning. He is also promoting the translation of state-of-the-art engineering solutions to clinical research and clinical practices. More...

  • Giovanni Montana

    Giovanni Montana

    His main research interests lie in statistical computing and machine learning with applications to biomedical data analysis, including genomic and medical imaging. He's also actively working in Big Data analytics. More...

  • Steven Niederer

    Steven Niederer

    His research is characterised by the use of multi-scale and multi-physics computational models of the heart to investigate fundamental physiological questions and gain insight into patient pathologies and treatments. More...

  • David Nordsletten

    David Nordsletten

    The principal emphasis in his research team is the integration of biomechanical modelling and advanced numerical techniques with clinical imaging. More...

  • Seb Ourselin

    Seb Ourselin

    Head of the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences. More...

  • Graeme Penney

    Graeme Penney

    His research interests include: Medical image registration for use in image guided interventions: 2D-3D registration techniques and ultrasound to MR or CT registration. More...

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