Smart Medical Imaging

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  • Phil Miller

    Phil Miller

    His research interests include rapid synthetic chemistry for the preparation of short-lived radioactive carbon-11 (t1/2 = 20 min) and fluorine-18 (t1/2 = 110 min) tracer molecules for PET imaging and the application of microfluidic reactors to small scale chemical reactions, gas-liquid phase reactions and improving radiochemistry processes. More...

  • Marc Modat

    Marc Modat

    He has significant expertise in medical image registration as well as in medical image segmentation and machine learning. He is also promoting the translation of state-of-the-art engineering solutions to clinical research and clinical practices. More...

  • Steven Niederer

    Steven Niederer

    His research is characterised by the use of multi-scale and multi-physics computational models of the heart to investigate fundamental physiological questions and gain insight into patient pathologies and treatments. More...

  • David Nordsletten

    David Nordsletten

    The principal emphasis in his research team is the integration of biomechanical modelling and advanced numerical techniques with clinical imaging. More...

  • Chiara Nosarti

    Chiara Nosarti

    Chiara's research focuses on the study of neurodevelopmental outcomes in typically and atypically developing individuals across the life-span More...

  • Declan O’Regan

    Declan O’Regan

    His multidisciplinary research focuses on applying machine learning to cardiovascular imaging to predict patient survival and model the effects of genetic variation on the heart. More...

  • Seb Ourselin

    Seb Ourselin

    Head of the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences. More...

  • Graeme Penney

    Graeme Penney

    His research interests include: Medical image registration for use in image guided interventions: 2D-3D registration techniques and ultrasound to MR or CT registration. More...

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