Medical Imaging

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  • Julia Schnabel

    Julia Schnabel

    Her current research interests are in nonlinear motion modelling, multi-modality imaging and quantitative imaging for applications in cancer imaging and neurosciences. More...

  • Spencer Sherwin

    Spencer Sherwin

    He leads a successful research group focussing on the development and application of parallel spectral/hp element techniques for solving partial differential equations. More...

  • Ralph Sinkus

    Ralph Sinkus

    His current research activities are mainly focused on the assessment and the understanding of biomechanics within the human body for disease characterization and therapy efficacy evaluation by using MR and ultrasound elastography. More...

  • Rick Southworth

    Rick Southworth

    His research group has two main aims - to utilise new imaging techniques to understand cardiac biology, and to use our understanding of cardiac biology to develop new imaging techniques. More...

  • Alan Spivey

    Alan Spivey

    His research encompasses the development of new catalysts for asymmetric group transfer reactions (acylation, sulfonyation & phosphorylation), germanium chemistry, chemical aspects of signal transduction, total synthesis and medicinal/imaging chemistry relating to asthma and cancer targets. More...

  • Klaus Suhling

    Klaus Suhling

    His research interests includes: fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy imaging (tr-FAIM), fluorescence spectroscopy, time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC), photon counting imaging. More...

  • Rafael T.M. de Rosales

    Rafael T.M. de Rosales

    His research includes the design and synthesis of novel medical imaging agents (small molecules, peptides and nanoparticles) based on metallic radionuclides. More...

  • Mengxing Tang

    Mengxing Tang

    His research focuses on developing new imaging and image analysis tools to quantify physiological flow and tissue function using ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents. More...

  • Samantha Terry

    Samantha Terry

    Her research interests are to understand how radionuclides used for therapy and imaging affect cells and to use this knowledge to help create better radiopharmaceuticals or imaging tracers. More...

  • Donald Tournier

    Donald Tournier

    His research is focused on the development and application of diffusion MRI methods, particularly those that relate to the characterisation of brain white matter and its connectivity. More...

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