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Phil Blower


Professor Phil Blower is Chair in Imaging Chemistry at King's College London.
The chemistry challenge in the Blower group is to design and construct the radiopharmaceuticals and to develop highly efficient chemistry for radiolabelling with the utmost speed and simplicity of manipulation. The biological behaviour of the new probes is evaluated in tissue culture and small animal imaging en route to clinical translation. The range of chemistry encompasses metal complexes, proteins, peptides and nanoparticles. Many radionuclides, spanning the whole periodic table, are studied including Tc-99m, Cu-64/62/61, Ga-68/67, In-111, Zr-89, C-11, F-18, N-13, Re-188, I-123/131/125, Ra-223, Lu-177, Y-90 and others, and the applications cover cancer, neurosciences, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, cell tracking and immunological areas.

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