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Advanced Skills Training

The Advanced Skills timetable is now up for the 2017/2018 academic year. It is available through Google Sheets and will automatically update if there are any changes to the schedule. You will also be emailed automatically 7 days before a course, and will also be sent a final email reminder on the day. 

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KEATS Courses:   

We suggest that the following Keats courses might be useful to you during your PhD, and you might benefit from doing them. They are completely voluntary.

Doctoral Essentials courses

Suitable for

Learning Outcomes

RDO301: Starting Your PhD

Those in MRes or

moving to year 1 of PhD

Understand what a PhD is
Understand your reasons for starting a PhD
Understand how to create effective objectives
Understand the importance of planning know what support is available

RDO303: Writing Up Your Thesis

Those in final year

of PhD

Plan the writing up stage of your PhD
Understand the structure of the thesis
Use writing tools where appropriate
Apply project management tools to help you
Cope with the stresses of writing up

RDO305: Preparing for the Viva

Those in final year

of PhD

Understand the importance of the Viva
Understand the Viva process
Identify ways to prepare for the Viva

RDO344: Preparing for the Upgrade from MPhil to PhD

Those preparing for upgrade

Understand the upgrade process
Understand the difference between the MPhil and PhD
Construct the upgrade report and prepare for the interview

RDO354: Things Every PhD

Student Should Know

All CDT students

Undersatnd what makes a good researcher
Be aware of Researcher Development Framework and its domains
Understanding how the RDF can help the impact of research
Be aware of the resource availabe to you at King's As you begin your PhD

The Good Viva (video)

Those in final year

of PhD

What is a viva? How important is it to your degree? How do Vivas differ between disciplines?
How can you prepare? Should you relax or panic?
What are the roles of internal and external examiners and your supervisor?
How are your examiners chosen? What questions should you expect?
How to use a practice or mock Viva
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your thesis
What are the examiners looking for? Coping with examiners' mistakes or aggressive questions
Understanding the outcome

The Good Supervision (video)

All CDT students

Understand the supervisors' role
Plan and make good use of supervising meetings
Take the lead in supervision meetings
Understand differences between disciplines
Plan the wider work of PhD research
Establish a realistic timetable for completion on time
Deal with a 'busy' supervisor
Understand the UK system if you are from overseas
Know what supervisors should and should not expect of you
Keep records of supervision meetings
Understand the limits of the supervisor's role
Ask for the feedback you need
Understand upgrading, transfer and monitoring procedures
Deal with setbacks and disappointments

The Good Presentation Video

All CDT students

Choosing appropriate content
How to practice
Using your voice, body, technology

The Good Doctorate (video)

All CDT students

Planning towards a distant deadline
How 'life' can get in the way
Being realistic about the time and cost
Setting intermediate stages
Working with your supervisors