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This page is for current CDT students and will hopefully provide you with useful information. If you have any things you want to see on here, please email

Information for CDT Students

  • MRes training
  • PhD training
  • Bench fees
  • Scanning Costs
  • GPU Server Access

MRes training:
In the first year, all CDT students will do an MRes in Medical Imaging Science.They will choose core modules according to their projects, and upon consultation with their supervisors, will choose additional options. Please refer to the Student Handbook for available options in the current year.

PhD training:
After the MRes training year, all CDT students are required to attend all mandatory PhD training sessions provided by the CDT, alongside conducting their research projects. Attendance is monitored, and apologies in case of unavoidable absences need to be sent to the CDT coordinator. These training sessions are in addition to other mandatory seminars, reading groups/journal clubs and enhanced skills training that are offered in the various departments, divisions or faculties that the PhD research is carried out. Please refer to the timetables below for the relevant CDT PhD training sessions:

Bench fees:
Each CDT student will be provided with £1,000 consumables funding during their MRes year, and £3,000 consumables funding per annum for the three PhD years. This funding is available to cover directly incurred costs required to carry out the PhD project such as travel to conferences and specialist resources. Please note that this funding should not be used to purchase laptops or to support a “well-founded” laboratory. All expenses should be directly relevant to the PhD project’s research outputs and must follow the respective College’s expenses policy. Please use the relevant form below to budget your PhD research, taking note of all included conditions, allowable/ineligible expenses, and instructions for processing:

Scanning costs:
Some CDT students may require access to imaging facilities as part of their MRes/PhD  research.  For the MR scanners at St. Thomas’, a process for access to MRI scanners has been developed, which enables CDT students to apply for scanning time at reduced costs. Please follow instructions on guidance and the application process in the document below:

In case of any queries, please contact the Rob Miles as the CDT Coordinator:

GPU Server Access

This form is to be used for applications to use the GPU servers, and should be sent to Soba when completed: