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Current Projects

  • Adam Smith

    New Gallium Chelates for Imaging Apoptosis and the Mitochondria

    Adam Smith - 2014 entry

    The project aims to develop a new range of PET tracers to allow in-depth imaging of the mitochondria. It will feature the design of functionalised chelates to stabilise Ga-68 centres and facilitate an overall cationic charge following complexation. Biological evaluation of the tracers will involve a perfused, isolated heart model to allow analysis of tracer pharmacokinetics and blood-flow. The project falls squarely within the remit of the CDT, namely by developing novel tools to investigate and image an important biomedical phenomenon, as well as providing comprehensive chemistry, biology and radiochemistry training. More...

  • Samy Abo Seada

    Rebalancing MRI encoding schemes - an exploration of combined transmit and receive parallel imaging approaches

    Samy Abo Seada - 2014 entry

    The aim of this project is to develop a unified framework for MR image acquisition methods using a mixture of spatial encoding upon excitation and reception of MR signals with the aim of creating faster, more efficient imaging techniques. More...

  • Patrick Bergstrom Mann

    The use of bisphosphonates as phase transfer reagents for bioactive fluorescence and near-infrared emitting quantum dots

    Patrick Bergstrom Mann - 2014 entry

    The overall aim of the project is to prepare luminescent quantum dots with a stable surface ligand system, based on bisphosphonates, to improve their colloidal stability in vitro and in vivo and to develop them for applications in optical imaging. The system will also lend itself to multi-modal imaging applications by exploiting bisphosphonate ligands that can accommodate a radionuclide or Gd(III) centre for PET/SPECT and MR imaging respectively. This project is based on successful preliminary work by groups at Imperial College London (Chemistry), King’s College London (Pharmacy and Imaging Sciences) that has shown that biphosphonate ligands are excellent water-solubilising passivating agents. More...

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