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Student Profiles

  • Carlos Cueto Mondejar

    Carlos Cueto Mondejar - 2017 entry

    I am a PhD researcher working on the tomographic use of ultrasound. More...

  • Casper da Costa-Luis

    Casper da Costa-Luis - 2016 entry

    I am particularly excited by interfaces between technology and the real-world, and have a keen interest in interdisciplinary efforts, disruptive data visualisation, and data science in all its numerous interpretations. More...

  • Jessica Dafflon

    Jessica Dafflon - 2015 entry

    With my MSc in Neuroscience at ETH Zürich I had the chance to approach the world of Medical Imaging from two main perspectives. More...

  • Laura Dal Toso

    Laura Dal Toso - 2016 entry

    I am a MPhil/PhD student in Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences at King’s College London. I studied Physics at the Università di Padova (Italy) and finished my master studies in September 2017. More...

  • Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis - 2018 entry

    In 2014 I graduated from St George's University of London with a degree in Biomedical Science. More...

  • Marta Dazzi

    Marta Dazzi - 2014 entry

    I read Chemistry (MChem) at the University of Oxford, Brasenose College. During my Master's thesis I developed a high-throughput screening technique for oxygen sensing enzymes. More...

  • Vittorio De Santis

    Vittorio De Santis - 2017 entry

    In 2014 I graduated from Kings College London with a BSc in Pharmacology with extra-mural year at Imanova centre for imaging sciences. Here I developed a keen interest for Neuroimaging using PET-CT. Having completed my degree, I went on to work with professor Michael Marber in the cardiovascular division of the Rayne institute at KCL where I was part of a drug discovery project working in the fields of molecular biology and Biophysics. More...

  • Joseph Downey

    Joseph Downey - 2015 entry

    I recently graduated from Imperial College London with an MSci in Chemistry. During my Master's project I successfully worked to develop some model reactions for Carbon-11 radiolabelling for PET imaging purposes. More...

  • Fraser Edgar

    Fraser Edgar - 2017 entry

    I graduated with a BSc (w/ Hons) in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Glasgow in 2015, where I spent a year investigating the use of transition metal-based radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging; with a focus on positron emitting nuclei. More...

  • Sam Ellis

    Sam Ellis - 2014 entry

    I am currently working on a short-term post-doc with Professor Reader, investigating novel methods of performing regularised PET image reconstruction. More...

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