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  • Rhiannon Evans

    Rhiannon Evans - 2015 entry

    I received my MChem in Chemistry (with Medicinal and Biological Chemistry) from the University of York in 2015, having undertaken my Master's project in the Oivanen Organic Chemistry group at the University of Helsinki. More...

  • Faysal Farah

    Faysal Farah - 2018 entry

    I graduated from the University of Bristol with an MSci in Chemistry with Industrial Experience. My final year research project focused on the synthesis of air stable tertiary phosphines employing an extended π-conjugated backbone, which was carried out under the supervision of professor Paul Pringle. More...

  • Matthew Farleigh

    Matthew Farleigh - 2017 entry

    In 2017 I graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc honours degree in Chemistry. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I undertook several research projects under the joint supervision of Dr Lee Higham, and Dr Andrew Pike. More...

  • Joao Fernandes - 2017 entry

    I am a Biomedical Engineer with a focus on cardiovascular image processing, together with some modelling. More...

  • Marco Fiorito

    Marco Fiorito - 2014 entry

    Here I have worked on the mathematical modelling and experimental validation of the signature shift in tangent stiffness generated by a pressurised tumour onto the surround soft tissue and its detection using shear waves. This project allowed me to gain an expertise in several fields. More...

  • George Firth

    George Firth - 2017 entry

    I graduated from The University of Hull in 2016 with the degree of BSc Biomedical Sciences with first class honours. During this degree, I completed a research project with Dr Graeme Stasiuk on multimodal zinc sensing probes for prostate cancer. More...

  • Melissa Gargaro

    Melissa Gargaro - 2018 entry

    I recently graduated from Imperial College London where I was awarded a Masters in Bioengineering. More...

  • Peter Gawne

    Peter Gawne - 2015 entry

    Over the last few years as part of the CDT, I have learnt an abundance of new skills. More...

  • Irina Grigorescu

    Irina Grigorescu - 2018 entry

    I currently hold Masters diplomas in both Computer Science and Medical Imaging. More...

  • Ksenia Grozdova

    Ksenia Grozdova - 2015 entry

    I graduated from the University of Manchester with the MPhys in Theoretical Physics degree. More...

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