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  • Pedro Luque Laguna

    Pedro Luque Laguna - 2014 entry

    I have an interest in using computational models derived from biophysical measures to study the complexity of the brain in terms of function and neuroanatomy. More...

  • Federico Luzi

    Federico Luzi - 2017 entry

    I am a graduated student in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology and I obtained my degree in Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna. During the last year I had the pleasure to do an internship at the Department of Imaging Sciences under More...

  • Jorge Mariscal-Harana

    Jorge Mariscal-Harana - 2015 entry

    After studying Aeronautical Engineering (MEng) at Imperial College London, I joined the Computational Modelling stream within the CDT. More...

  • Sarah McElroy

    Sarah McElroy - 2017 entry

    I completed my undergraduate degree in Physics at Queen’s University Belfast. In my penultimate year as an undergraduate, I took some modules in medical physics, and became interested in pursuing a career in this field. More...

  • Megan Midson

    Megan Midson - 2016 entry

    I graduated with an MSci in Chemistry from Imperial College London in June 2016. In my final year I worked on a project synthesising dual modal imaging probes using upconversion nanoparticles. More...

  • Giorgia Milotta

    Giorgia Milotta - 2016 entry

    I graduated from Polytechnic of Milan in 2016 with the degree of Master of Biomedical Engineering. Under the supervision of Professor Riccardo Vismara and Gianfranco Beniamino Fiore, I developed an interest in heart diseases and treatments. More...

  • Aishwarya Mishra

    Aishwarya Mishra - 2017 entry

    I completed my Integrated Masters in Chemistry from Centre of Excellence in Basic Science at University of Mumbai, India with my Master thesis at UBC, Vancouver, Canada. During my thesis with Hafeli group at UBC, I worked on “Synthesis of an Alzheimer Imaging agent: A theranostic model”  and also during my previous research projects based on Imaging, I got exposed to different imaging techniques like MRI and PET-CT in particular and chemical and biological imaging in particular. More...

  • Sofia Monaci

    Sofia Monaci - 2018 entry

    I graduated in Biomedical Engineering at King’s College London More...

  • Sophie Morse

    Sophie Morse - 2015 entry

    I'm a final year PhD Student with a background in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. More...

  • Camila Munoz

    Camila Munoz - 2014 entry

    I’ve recently finished my PhD studies and am currently working as a Research Assistant with Dr Prieto, in a position funded by the Wellcome Trust/EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering. More...

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