Smart Medical Imaging

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training


Adela Capilnasiu


I acquired my BSc in Applied and Computational Mathematics in Germany, at Jacobs University Bremen.  My undergraduate project, “Modelling blood circulation in sinusoids”, was developed in partnership with Fraunhofer MEVIS, a medical research institute. Further on I chose to do an MSc in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London, where my thesis topic was “Reversing Neurovascular Coupling Models”.  Thus the decision to do a PhD in Medical Imaging came naturally, as I am interested in focusing on numerical methods for creating biomedical models and simulations. My goal is to do research for industry and I think that this programme is the perfect opportunity, given the many connections that it has with industrial partners.

Project: Fighting fibrosis: a complementary biomechanical approach to characterize and distinguish fibrosis from inflammation in chronic diseases of the liver and heart

Adela Capilnasiu