Smart Medical Imaging

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training


Aishwarya Mishra


I completed my Integrated Masters in Chemistry from Centre of Excellence in Basic Science at University of Mumbai, India with my Master thesis at UBC, Vancouver, Canada. During my thesis with Hafeli group at UBC, I worked on “Synthesis of an Alzheimer Imaging agent: A theranostic model”  and also during my previous research projects based on Imaging, I got exposed to different imaging techniques like MRI and PET-CT in particular and chemical and biological imaging in particular. I picked up a keen interest in radiolabelling and the theranostic approaches to imaging agents via these projects.

This Medical Imaging CDT program appealed to me because of its program structure in the form of core, stream and interdisciplinary modules along with group projects along with a PhD project giving me better insight into area of medical imaging. This course will enable me to pursue my research in this field of interest and act as stepping stone my further endeavours in academics and research.

Project: A Pretargeted PET imaging Strategy for Nanomedicines – A theranostic tool

Aishwarya Mishra