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Camila Munoz


I’ve recently finished my PhD studies at the Biomedical Engineering Department at KCL under the supervision of Dr Claudia Prieto and Professor Andrew Reader. My research focused on the development of techniques for motion correction in cardiac PET-MR imaging. A typical PET-MR examination takes about 15 minutes, and during that time the heart is continuously moving due to the respiratory and cardiac cycles. If the motion of the heart is not compensated for, we obtain blurred images that cannot be used to make accurate diagnoses or therapy decisions for cardiac diseases. During my PhD, I developed a framework that allows us to measure the cardiac and respiratory motion from MR images, and then uses this information to correct both the PET and MR data so that the final images are focused and small features such as the coronary arteries can be well depicted. I am currently working as a Research Assistant with Dr Prieto, in a position funded by the Wellcome Trust/EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering. The aim of our project is to extend the technique developed during my PhD to multi-contrast MR imaging, which will allow us to further advance the clinical translation of our framework.

Project: Multi-parametric PET-MR imaging

Camila Munoz