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Christopher Davis


In 2014 I graduated from St George's University of London with a degree in Biomedical Science. Knowing I wanted to have a career in cancer research I completed an MSc in Immunology at King's. During my MSc I was lucky enough to work with under Dr John Maher and completed a research project focusing on novel CAR T cells. I knew that I wanted to work more with CAR T cells and with these degrees I was able to get a job as a research associate at a biotech start up, Autolus. I worked there for almost 2 years before starting a MRes in Translational Medicine at Queen's University Belfast in 2017. I managed to find my way back to King's to start a PhD with the DTP researching a novel method to track CAR T-cells in vivo using both PET and fluorescence imaging.

During my time at the here I hope to further develop my knowledge of medical imaging, acquire new skills to equip me for a career in research.

Project: DTP P11 - An Indirect Labelling Approach to Track the Therapeutic CAR T-cells with Dual PET and Fluorescence Imaging

Christopher Davis