Smart Medical Imaging

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Daniel West


So far during my project, I have investigated existing techniques for myelin imaging in MRI with the primary goal to develop a sequence that has optimum myelin sensitivity and specificity. Due to its tightly-packed molecular structure, myelin often appears invisible in traditional scans. Therefore, more sophisticated quantitative methods are needed to determine its presence and assess the neurological conditions in which myelin has been implicated. Currently, the two techniques I am most interested in are known as mcDESPOT and ihMT. Through simulation studies of parameter estimation accuracy, different search-space visualisation methods and in-vivo data acquisition, we have completed an in-depth analysis of mcDESPOT and its ability to map myelin water. Recent literature studies have highlighted the potential of ihMT for myelin imaging and using novel radiofrequency pulse design, I hope to maximise the myelin contrast obtainable, resulting in a clinically-feasible and informative sequence.

Project: Integrating myelin imaging with diffusion MRI for microstructure modelling

Daniel West