Medical Imaging

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Daniel West


During my MSci Physics degree at King’s College London, I developed a passion for medical imaging through taught modules and research projects: ‘Fluorescence Microscopy of Cell Membranes’, ‘Interaction of PRODAN with Membrane Systems’ and ‘Hyperspectral Micro-Imaging for Cancer Tissue Classification’. Having specialised in NMR, I became fascinated by MRI as a medical imaging modality and due to its excellent ability to contrast soft tissue, I aim to explore potential for neurological applications. I am excited by the opportunity to immerse myself in CDT's multi-disciplinary environment, utilising the outstanding facilities at St Thomas’ Hospital and overseeing the processes from imaging chemistry to healthcare implementation. Through my motivation to improve clinical value provided by image acquisition methods and address challenges such as image artefacts, I am hoping to pursue a career in medical physics.

Project: Integrating myelin imaging with diffusion MRI for microstructure modelling

Daniel West