Smart Medical Imaging

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Elisa Roccia


I am a Biomedical Engineer with an MSc from the University of Padua (Italy) and a BSc from the University of Trieste (Italy). I carried out my Master's project at Columbia University in New York (USA), where I worked on PET imaging and medical data analysis. After the graduation I worked as a research engineer at Vision RT, medical imaging company that develops leading technology in surface guided radiation therapy. Throughout these experiences I strengthen my interest in cancer imaging and PET/MR technology. This multi-modality approach provides multi-dimensional data particularly suited for the fast-growing field of machine learning. Being part of this interdisciplinary CDT gives me a great opportunity to work towards the clinical implementation of my future research findings.

Project: A simple “push-button” PET/MR footprinting method for multi-modality prostate cancer imaging

Elisa Roccia