Medical Imaging

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training


Hugh O'Brien


I graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Psychology and Imperial College London with an MSc in Computer Science. In between I worked at PLOS on some of their flagship journals. Prior to joining the CDT I've been a software engineer at Overleaf, a collaborate science writing platform for LaTeX.

I was inspired to join the CDT largely off the back of my masters research project using deep learning for medical imaging applications. I'm excited by the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary teams to further the possibilities of medical imaging.

Project: Comprehensive CRT CT Imaging (3CI)

This project will aim to exploit recent advances in dual energy CT scanners that provide high image contrast and with low radiation dose cardiac imaging at exceptional spatial and improved temporal resolution. The objective of this PhD will be the design, development and testing of an image processing and visualisation platform for extracting key indices of cardiac function and anatomy from cardiac CT imaging to predict the outcome of CRT and guide therapies.


Hugh O'Brien