Medical Imaging

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training


Il-Chul Yoon


My research experience started during my undergraduate studies as a Research Intern focusing on computational chemistry and an internship (3 months) in nanobiotechnology at a different institute. I followed this with my Master’s project (24 months) in organic chemistry focusing on the development of new metal-catalysed synthetic routes. In order to extend my knowledge in this area, I secured a Research Internship at ETH Zürich in Switzerland (8 months), working on metal-based catalysis.

I now wish to apply my knowledge of metal-based chemistry to medical research, in particular imaging and therapy. With this in mind, I started work 3 months ago on multifunctional MRI contrast the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at KNU. This will provide excellent preparation for the proposed project with Dr Wilton-Ely at Imperial College, addressing the combined use of imaging and therapy. Throughout these experiences, I have gained skills in synthesis, solution and solid-state characterisation, experimental design and computational modelling to help me achieve more in my research and address society’s healthcare challenges.

Il-Chul Yoon