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Ingebjorg Hungnes


I completed my MSci in Chemistry at the University of Bristol in 2016, where I did my master’s project in the biofuels section of the Wass group. Investigating homogeneous ruthenium catalysts with phospinoamine chelators for the upgrade of synthesis gas to methanol strengthened my interest in coordination chemistry and for applying chemistry to real world problems. It fascinates me how small changes to ligands can tune the activity of a metal complex, and I look forward to synthesising new peptide-functionalised ligands for technetium-99m and rhenium-188 as part of my PhD project. I am excited to join the interdisciplinary research environment at St Thomas’ Hospital and to be given the opportunity to contribute to innovative medical imaging research. Oh, and I love playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Project: New platforms for 99mTc-labelled multimeric molecular SPECT imaging agents: bifunctional dithiocarbamate and diphosphine chelators

Ingebjorg Hungnes