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Jeremy Birch


I am currently undertaking a PhD in Image Sciences and Biomedical Engineering where I am working on Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) algorithms together with Machine Learning for the use in miniature steerable chip-on-tip endoscopy used in eye surgery. I have a background in electronics and embedded systems design and have worked for 5 years in different sectors including energy, defense, infrastructure, consumer goods and electronic product development .

In 2013 I graduated from Lancaster University with a First class MEng degree in Mechatronics Engineering. During my time there I worked on the control of a nuclear decommissioning robotic manipulator and the development of an instrumented landmine detector using speech recognition algorithms.
My research interests include robotics, computer vision and Machine Learning and their use in medical aplications.


Project: DTP P10 - Deformable 3D reconstruction of endoluminal anatomy by miniature steerable chip-on-tip endoscopy

Jeremy Birch