Medical Imaging

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training


Jorge Mariscal-Harana


I completed a MEng in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London in 2015. My final year project was based on "Computational Modelling of 1-D Blood Flow". My research interests are numerical and experimental simulation of blood flow for pressure-related diseases. In this Doctoral Training Programme I have found the perfect opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary career.

Project: Non-invasive proximal blood pressure estimation by combining MR imaging with one­‐dimensional flow modelling

This project will further develop our existing one-dimensional (1-D) model of blood flow in the arterial tree to facilitate its use for patient-specific medical planning. We will create a user-friendly workflow within the open-source Nektar++ framework ( to calculate blood pressure (BP) waveforms in the larger arteries of the systemic or pulmonary circulations from patient-specific data that can be measured noninvasively in the clinic using magnetic resonance imaging. Applanation tonometry will also be used for the systemic circulation. Moreover, we will develop post-processing tools to identify the physical mechanisms underlying calculated BP waveforms by separating contributions from the heart, buffering function of the aorta or larger pulmonary arteries, and proximal and peripheral wave reflections. This project will provide a software package for rapid and accurate patient-specific BP modelling and analysis that will run on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms at a much smaller computational cost than 3-D modelling.


Jorge Mariscal-Harana