Smart Medical Imaging

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training


Melissa Gargaro


I recently graduated from Imperial College London where I was awarded a Masters in Bioengineering. My research project at Imperial focused on deciphering the role of MicroRNAs on gene regulation. I was able to develop and utilize novel bioinformatic prediction tools to aid in eliciting the extent to which microRNAs contribute to the progression of atherosclerosis through their impact on gene regulation.
I chose the CDT program as it provides a unique opportunity to work within a clinical environment where interdisciplinary collaborations and the development of industry skills are encouraged. My major research projects to date have been associated with Cardiovascular disease, I look forward to advancing my knowledge in the application of imaging techniques in order to provide clinical solutions to cardiac pathologies.

Project: 215 - Molecular imaging tools to identify evolving cardiac injury caused by cancer therapy

Melissa Gargaro