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Sam Ellis


Following my undergraduate MPhys degree in physics at the University of Surrey, I came to the KCL/Imperial CDT in Medical Imaging in 2014 to study for my PhD. During this period, I worked on my thesis entitled 'Multi-Dataset Image Reconstruction for Longitudinal and Multi-Tracer Positron Emission Tomography', supervised by Professor Andrew Reader and Professor Julia Schnabel. The aim of the project was to investigate novel image reconstruction methods that allow the transfer of information between PET datasets acquired for the same patient at multiple times (for instance, to monitor treatment response) or multi-tracer PET datasets (typically used to obtain complementary information about a specific biological process). By encouraging this transfer of information between the images during the image reconstruction process, we aimed to reduce image noise, thereby improving the quality of the resulting images. The results of our experiments showed that these novel methods can be used to improve image quality in longitudinal oncology treatment monitoring PET imaging and in multi-tracer brain PET. I am currently working on a short-term post-doc with Professor Reader, investigating novel methods of performing regularised PET image reconstruction.

Project: Multi-dataset PET/MR direct parametric image reconstruction for longitudinal studies and atlas building

Sam Ellis