The winners of the prizes for the best MRes projects were announced on Friday 11 December. Director of the EPSRC CDT in Medical Imaging, Professor Julia Schnabel, gave out the awards to four of the 2014 CDT cohort who have recently completed their MRes course.

There were prizes awarded to the best student within each of the three research streams plus a prize for the best overall performance that year.

Camila Munoz  won the overall MRes best performance prize, with Sam Ellis receiving Stream 1 project prize, Adam Smith winning Stream 2 project prize and Esther Puyol being awarded Stream 3 project prize.

(L-R Esther Puyol, Chris Bowles, Saad Qureshi , Samy Abo Seada, Jed Wingrove, Marta Dazzi, Adam Smith, Jen Young, Julia Schnabel, Sam Ellis and Camila Munoz)

Professor Schnabel said, “This is the first cohort to complete the MRes as part of the CDT and it has been a pleasure to award these prizes to our exceptional students. All 14 of the 2014 cohort passed their MRes course with Distinction, showing just how well our students are achieving.”

The prize fund has been made possible thanks to the kind donation of Professor David Delpy, former CEO of EPSRC.