Last week saw a small army of stream 2 CDT students from all cohorts descend on the Royal Society for three days of intense but very informative discussion about the past, present, and future of imaging chemistry. Organised by our very own Prof. Nick Long along with Professors Faulkner and Parker, the first day of the conference was in London, where a large turnout listened to the challenges for chemistry in molecular imaging.

After a full day of discussion, 60 of us were stuffed in a coach and taken to the Royal Society’s other venue, Chicheley Hall (just outside Milton Keynes). With the escape from London reeking of a school trip but lacking any rules, we headed to the nearest pub for some alcohol and food. Feeling warm and sleepy after the port, we headed to our respective accommodations to recuperate for the following day’s discussions.

After a hearty breakfast, we were able to immerse ourselves in discussions about neuroscience and a particularly interesting one by another familiar face, Phil Blower. Although all of the days were incredibly informative, I particularly liked the emphasis based on answering the discussion topics at hand, which meant that the speakers had to relate their research to challenges for chemists and/or future prospects. There was a lot of enthusiasm and some tricky questions, which are interesting to think about as we embark on our PhDs. With the biggest names in medical imaging chemistry in attendance, some of us were definitely a little star-struck!