The Divisional Symposium took place on Monday 19th October and was a great opportunity for our PhD students to present their research. The event, organised by the students themselves via a committee, involved two keynote talks, a series of oral presentations and over 30 poster presentations. As to who would present, the committee designed an abstract submission form, peer review process and even organised the judging for the awards.

Professor Reza Razavi welcomed everyone including the advisory board for our Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging, who have reps from industry, other universities as well as the main funder of the CDT, the EPSRC. He reflected on the CDT’s great partnership between King’s and Imperial College London, and combined with input from industry, brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge together, enabling “us to do things we can’t do on our own”. The research that the PhD students are involved in is regularly translated into clinical practice, with cutting edge science that brings benefits to patients.

The keynote speakers touched on the art of publishing, as Dr Andreas Trabesinger of Reinschrift advised, “know your story, know your audience, say how it is”. Professor Alison Noble, University of Oxford, reflected on her career in academia and industry, highlighting her spin-out company that focuses on making medical ultrasound a simpler and effective technology. Presentations from PhD students reflected all the five departments in our Division, covering a broad range of areas such as using MRI to assist pacemaker surgery; brain connections in preterm infants; whole-body imaging to track cancer metastasis; and machine learning for dementia.

Over 120 people attended, including the new CDT cohort who have just started their MRes. Awards for best poster were presented to Peter Charlton and Cinzia Imberti and oral prizes went to Piergiorgio Salvan and Brett O’Brien.

Many thanks to the student organising committee: David Lloyd, Jennifer Young, Elisabetta Grecchi, Marta Dazzi, Isabel Ramos, Camila Munoz Escobar.