Two CDT Supervisors presented at Image Guided Therapies Network+ event at St Thomas’ Hospital on 28 June.

Dr Pablo Lamata spoke in the morning at a ECR workshop. He shared his experiences ‘teaching medicine to machines’ as an academic and entrepreneur.

Speaking to a room full of ECR’s, Latama explained that the four key things any wannabe entrepreneur needs are:

  • Vision- to find out what the customer needs and define the problem
  • Drive- to have the will power to make anything that can solve the problem
  • Confidence- to be a leader, show peserverence and build a great team
  • Humility- to remember and appreciate that academics are funded by society for society

Dr Oleg Aslanidi spoke in the afternoon at the IGT Network Tri Annual meeting. He gave a talk on biophysical modelling of the atria for clinical decision support,explaining that models can:

  • Dissect links between atrial structure and disordered electrical function in AF
  • Design antiarrhythmic drug strategies that can restore the electrical function
  • Guide ablation procedures when combined with patient specific MR imaging
  • Improve prediction of clot formation risks and thus anti-coagulation therapy