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AI-enabled Imaging, Emerging Imaging

Modelling blood flow in the shared placenta in twin pregnancies

Project ID: 2023_006

1st Supervisor: Dr Andrew Melbourne, King’s College London
2nd Supervisor:  Dr Adelaide De Vecchi, King’s College Londo
Dr Rosalind Aughwane
Dr Alys Clark


Aims of the Project: 

Develop software for accurate assessment of the vessel pattern of the placenta and apply this to singleton pregnancies to investigate flow differences in fetal growth restriction twin pregnancies to predict flow changes in response to intervention. Prediction from flow modelling will allow individualised and more successful intervention.


Lay Summary: 

The project develops new computer science technology for modelling the feto-placental blood flow in twin pregnancies. It pioneers the use of state-of-the-art computational modelling to address this problem. It demonstrates this new approach by addressing questions of intense current interest in fetal medicine: what are the functional markers of clinical and pathological feto-placental blood flow and how can these be modelled to predict the effect of intervention? This project will make use of our extensive network of collaborators across Europe and New Zealand and as a result will be a truly international PhD.


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